The American Bar is the oldest bar in Prague and the second oldest bar in Europe. Its history dates back to the beginning of the last century, when it was probably the first major public place to reflect ideas from the “New World”, which was then a model that embodied the patriotic and political ideals of the time during the establishment of the country’s own democratic republic. It’s hardly surprising then that the influence of the Society of American Women can be traced here. Women could visit the bar alone unaccompanied by an escort.

The atmosphere of the Chicago bar is created by black ceramic tiles on the pillars and the contrast of the coloured drawing by Mikoláš Aleš with folk motifs. According to period photographs, a new black marble bar counter with glass side extensions was also designed. The dominant feature of the ceiling is the main chandelier supplied by František Křižík and designed as a mosaic stained-glass wreath with four diamond cassettes.

The American Bar will surely impress you with its unique atmosphere, where you can choose from a wide selection of cocktails, fine spirits and champagne. We hope that you will have a pleasant time at the American Bar and that you will enjoy the delicious cocktails mixed by our professional bartenders.